ANZAN Committees


Committee Chair  Committee Members
Education and Training Committee  Michelle Kiley Education and Training Committee Members
Scientific Programme Committee Kaitlyn Parratt (Acting Chair) Mark Slee (Chair) Scientific Programme Committee Members 
Advanced Training Committee  Robert Henderson Advanced Training Committee Members
State Education Committee - VIC/TAS Patrick Carney State Education Committee Members - VIC/TAS
State Education Committee - NSW Alan McDougall State Education Committee Members - NSW
State Education Committee - QLD Helen Brown State Education Committee Members - QLD
State Education Committee - SA Janakan Ravindran State Education Committee Members - SA
State Education Committee - WA Andrew Kelly State Education Committee Members - WA
New Zealand Education Committee Nicholas Child Education Committee Members - NZ
Advanced Trainee Representative  Chris Belder Advanced Trainee Representatives 
Asia Pacific Affairs Committee Victor Fung  Asia Pacific Affairs Committee Members
Fees Committee  John Watson Fees Committee Members
ANZAN History Committee Catherine Storey ANZAN History Committee Members
Workforce Committee Lauren Giles Workforce Committee Members
Therapeutics Committee Geoffrey Herkes Therapeutics Committee Members
EEG and Clinical Neurophysiology Committee  Elizabeth Walker EEG and Clinical Neurophysiology Committee Members
Driving Committee Ernest Somerville Driving Committee Members
INR Committee Mark Parsons INR Committee Members 
CCINR Committee  Timothy Kleinig CCINR Committee Members
Regional Neurology Committee  Lisa Dark Regional Neurology Committee Members
Geriatric Committee  Karyn Boundy  Geriatric Committee Members
Genetics Sub-committee Carolyn Sue Genetics Sub-committee Members 
Neurology Sub-specialty Society Presidents/Chairs Pamela McCombe  Neurology Sub-specialty Society Presidents/Chairs
Women in Neurology Committee Anneke Van Der Walt Women in Neurology Committee Members
Online Learning Committee  John O'Sullivan Online Learning Committee Members
CPD Committee Bernard Yan (Co-Chair)
Sudarshini Ramanathan (Co-Chair)
CPD Committee
 Inflammatory Neuropathy Special Interest Group Lyn Kiers (Acting Chair)  
BMJ ANZAN Neurology Journal  Editor  Richard Gerraty
Internal Medicine Journal Neurology Editor  Karl Ng
ANZAN Worskhop Convenors     
Neuropathology and Neuro-immunology Weekend Michael Barnett & Michael Buckland  
EMG Workshop NSW Karl Ng Karl Ng
Michael Hayes
EMG Workshop VIC Richard MacDonell Richard MacDonell
Timothy Day
Bruce Day 
EEG Workshop  John Dunne John Dunne
Andrew Bleasel
Nicholas Lawn
Ernest Somerville  
Registrars Training Weekend  Christian Lueck  Christian Lueck 
Victor Fung 
James Burrell