ANZAN Policies on requests for member information and Endorsements:

  1. ANZAN is bound by privacy laws in Australia and New Zealand.
  1. ANZAN will not release member names, locations or contact details to individuals or external organizations. The exception is where members have ticked the “I consent to disclosure of my contact details. Information may be shared with other members only” box when updating personal details when renewing subscriptions.
  1. Members, related neurological organizations (e.g. epilepsy, movement disorder, stroke societies etc) or relevant requests (e.g., organizations advertising jobs) are able advertise in our regular newsletters. As a general rule we don’t allow advertising from non-members or non-related organizations such as pharmaceutical companies.
  1. In exceptional circumstances, ANZAN may send out emails asking members if they wish to directly contact an individual, group or organization (which will need to include ANZAN members) about a particular and relevant issue.
  1. ANZAN will not provide letters of support or endorsement for individual studies, organizations or guidelines. Where appropriate, ANZAN will forward these requests on to the appropriate subspecialty societies.

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