Information for 2018

  • Advanced trainee positions for the following year are advertised in June. Applicants are invited to submit an application form including 3 referees, CV, and hospital preference sheet listing all those hospitals to which the applicant would accept an appointment. The closing date for applications is 27th August, 2018 - one week after the FRACP Part I exam results are released.
  • The applicant must ask each referee to submit a standardised referee report form to the Secretary of ANZAN.  At least one of the referees should be a neurologist. Referees will automatically receice the reference form.
  • Applicants must arrange to meet with the Head of the Neurology Department in all hospitals in which they would like to work before the state interviews.
  • The employability of overseas trained physicians who do not hold an Australian or New Zealand citizenship or Australian permanent residency for these positions varies between states. Applicants who fall into this category are advised to contact their state director of training well before the state interviews for more specific information.
  • Applicants who meet the employability and basic selection criteria are invited to attend a state interview conducted by a panel of neurologists made up of a representative from each hospital. At the end of the interview, the panel ranks applicants (using a score which takes account of the performance at interview, CV and referees reports). Candidates who meet a predetermined cutoff score will be asked to submit a list of hospital positions in order of preference. This will be matched against each hospital’s preference list of candidates using the RACP matching algorithm for advanced training.
  • After the match is complete, applicants and hospitals are informed of the results of the selection process within 7 days and for those successfully matched, no changes will be considered. Appointments are for a single year of training.
  • Unmatched applicants and hospitals with unmatched positions are also notified. Filling these vacancies is conducted by way of negotiation between individual hospitals and candidates. 
  • For successful applicants, a second consecutive year of core training is guaranteed subject to satisfactory supervisors reports, and on the basis that when submitting applications for the following year, the applicant applies for all positions within their state. 
  • Advanced trainees or those seeking to enter advanced training need to reapply each year using the same process.
  • Advanced Trainees are expected to complete their two years of core training at different hospitals unless there are exceptional circumstances which prevent this.

Accredited Training Positions

(This information is subject to updates to core posts in some states.)

Please note that although hospitals are listed state by state below, for the purposes of matching applicants to hospitals, Canberra Hospital (ACT) is included with NSW hospitals, and Royal Hobart Hospital (TAS) is included with Victorian hospitals.

NB: All applicants for NSW positions must also apply to NSW Health. Click here for important information

Part time training positions

Many hospital departments have indicated they will consider part-time training provided that any such request involves a team that the applicants organise so that there is full coverage for the workload. The positions suitable for elective training rather than core training may be more suitable for part-time training. If you are interested in listing your name as a potential job share partner please contact the ANZAN Secretariat 02 9256 5443 or

Important Dates

The 2018 Match has concluded. Dates for the 2019 Match are not yet available.