Trainee Positions At St George Hospital Kogarah

St George Hospital Kogarah


Contact Details

Dr Louise Allport
Phone : 02-9113-2491
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Training Positions : 3
Elective Training Positions :
Fellowships : One

Core Position Descriptions
3 fully accredited position suitable for first or second year trainees.
Ecxcellent training opportunities in acute stroke medicine, acute epilepsy, infection and demyelination. Intensive care exposure heavily represented. Good exposure to neurological obstetric emergincies and paediatric (upper age limit) neurology.

This position provides excellent exposure to acute hospital neurology.

Neurology outpatient clinics and subspecialty clinic time mandated.

Excellent neuropysiology training within a busy teaching unit.

Elective Position Descriptions
Fellowship in Electrophysiology and Stroke. The proportion of time spent in each of the two areas is negotiable to some extent. For further details contact Dr Louise Allport or A.Prof. Mark Hersch

Hospital Information

St George Hospital has served the local area for more than 100 years, but only took on the mantle of a major teaching hospital in the last 25 years or so. Despite its 700-odd beds, and the fact that it has one of the busiest Emergency Departments in Sydney, it remains a pleasant place to work and train. All major specialties are to be found at St George, and, importantly, we have an excellent relationship with our Neurosurgeons, who offer an outstanding service.

Department Beds :
There is a specific Neurology / Neurosurgery ward, which includes the newly refurbished 8-bed Stroke Unit. Bed numbers vary according to need - typically, there are between twelve and twenty-four patients in the unit, which is divided into two teams.

Department Clinics
General Neurology Clinics are conducted twice per week. The registrars present their cases to the Neurologist, who assists at each clinic as well as teaching house staff and medical students. A number of electrophysiology clinics are held each week, and the registrar is intensively taught to the point that he or she is able to operate independently, although every test is reviewed by the Neurologist before the patient leaves. Neurophysiology exposure is a highlight for most registrars who train here.

Department Specialty Clinics
A number of Neurophysiology Clinics.

Department Meetings
Internal meetings include a weekly Neurology Grand Rounds, prepared by the registrars), a weekly Medical Ground session (at which Neurology presents twice per year), a monthly Neurology Journal Club, a monthly Stroke Service Meeting, and quarterly Morbidity and Mortality meetings.

External meetings include the Brain School training session , regular evening meetings of various neurological societies such as the Stoke and Epilepsy Societies, Northwest Clinical meeting, as well as National meetings of the AAN (the registrar's expenses are paid by the Department).

Department Staff
A.Prof. Mark Hersch Senior Staff Specialist
Dr Louise Allport, Director of Neurology
Dr Justine Wang
Dr Walid Matar
Dr Jane Prosser
Dr Monica Badve
Dr Luke Chen
Dr Elizabeth Shiner

Junior Staff Positions In Neurology
There are 3 teams run by three regsitars - two Advanced Trainees and one BPT. Consultants do blocks of ward service including in-patient consultations and then hand over. Each team has a JMO/RMO. The structure enables the andvance trainees to attend critical sessions in neurophysiology.

Trainee Responsibilities

Selection Criteria

Philosophy Of Training
We are an 8 Neurologist Department, and close contact and interaction is the order of the day, both at the clinical and the neruophysiology laboratory level. We welcome both new and 2nd year trainees, and are willing to nurture and guide if needed, or to give more independence, if appropriate. We like to be kept informed of all major, and most minor, developments regarding our patients. We support (financially and morally) attendance by our registrar at important educational meetings. We emphasise the need for effective communication, including summaries, letters and reports - we often review these and discuss suggested improvement.

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