Trainee Positions At Concord Repatriation General Hospital in Conjunction with RPA

Concord Repatriation General Hospital in Conjunction with RPA
Hospital Road, CONCORD
NSW, 2139

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Dr Michael Hayes
Phone : 02 9767 6416
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Training Positions : 2 (1 in conjunction with Royal Prince Alfred Hospital)
Elective Training Positions : 1
Fellowships : Two - Neuromuscular/Neurophysiology fellowshipNeuromuscular/Neurophysiology fellowship

Core Position Descriptions
The neurology advanced trainee is responsible for -- in conjunction with two basic physician trainees -- inpatient service including consultations and admissions.

Involvement in outpatient clinics is prioritised, with exposure to nerve conduction study and general neurology clinics, as well as sub-specialist clinics in Neuromuscular disease/Neurogenetics, Neuro-immunology, Behavioural neurology, Parkinson's disease, and Botulinum toxin.

Organization and presentation of Neurology Clinical meeting.

Involvement in clinical research in Stroke and Parkinson disease.

Elective Position Descriptions
The Neuromuscular Fellowship provides a comprehensive clinical and academic experience for an advanced trainee/Fellow in neurology who wishes to improve their knowledge of neuromuscular disorders, neurogenetics and clinical electrophysiology.
The position also allows extensive exposure to and practical training in therapeutic intervention with botulinum toxin. There are excellent opportunities for participation in research projects including the option of a higher degree. Although the position is available for 12 months there is potential for job sharing.

Clinical electrophysiology
Three weekly out-patient NCS/EMG clinics (30+ patients)
In-patient NCS service including ICU/Burns unit patients
750 EEGs annually
350 Evoked potential studies (including MEPs) annually
Private practice electrophysiology (Prof Yiannikas)

Specialty Neuromuscular Clinics
Motor and sensory neuropathies (Nicholson) - weekly
Neuromuscular/Neurogenetics (Corbett/Reddel/Prof Morgan) -alt weeks
Myasthenia/Neuroimmunology (Reddel/Hardy/Riminton) - weekly
Botulinum toxin (Hayes/Hurelbrink) - x2 clinics / ~20 patients weekly -
Neuropathy (Spring)

Reddel: CMT histopathology research project at Neuropath Lab, U. Sydney.
Nicholson / Reddel: Molecular Medicine state / national reference laboratory for neurogenetic disorders and neuromuscular antibodies
Further neuromuscular pathology training can be arranged.

Nicholson - HSMNs, myotonic dystrophy, familial MND, genetics of PD, ataxia and familial spastic paraplegia
Reddel - FSH, NMJ disorders, CMT immunohistochemistry
Corbett- Myotonic dystrophy
Spring - autonomic disorders and small fibre neuropathies
Aggarwal - neurophysiologic markers of early MND

Hospital Information

Concord and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital are part of the Sydney Local Health District.

From 2018, two core training positions will be offered at Concord:

Position 1 - Concord/RPA
The advance trainee spends 6 months at Concord and 6 months at RPA.
Position 2 - Concord
The advance trainee spends 12 months at Concord.

Concord Hospital is situated in the Inner West of Sydney on the Parramatta River. It is the Western Sector of the Central Sydney Area Health Service.

Concord Hospital a 630 bed hospital and has 1 of the four Sydney University Clinical Schools.

Concord Hospital was originally established as an Army Hospital, but was later transferred to the NSW Health Service. A full range of services including MRI and Neurosurgery are provided and the Concord Centre of Mental Health, which is co-located with Concord Hospital, is one of the largest psychiatric units in NSW. Interventional neuroradiology service is provided by RPA.

Department Beds :
20 neurology beds, including 4 stroke unit beds

Department Clinics
General Neurology Clinic, EMG and Nerve Conduction Clinics EEG reporting

Department Specialty Clinics
Parkinson's Disease, Neuromuscular/Neurogenetic clinic, Myasthenia gravis/Neuroimmunology clinic, Botox clinic, Behavioural neurology

Department Meetings
Neurology Clinical Meeting (presented by the Advanced Trainee) - weekly
Neuroradiology - weekly
Discharge review - weekly
Hospital Ground Rounds - weekly
Neurology Journal Club - weekly
Neurology Multi Disciplinary Meeting - weekly
Parkinson's Multi Disciplinary Meeting - weekly
Quality Assurance meeting - monthly
Neuropathology meeting - quarterly
Neuro-ophthalmology meeting - monthly

Department Staff
There are 11 Neurologists, 7 part time Staff specialists, 1 Academic, 4 Visting Medical Officers and 1 VMO Geneticist

Dr Arun Aggarwal (Rehabilitation/Pain/Parkinson disease)
Prof Alastair Corbett (Stroke, Neuromuscular Disease)
Dr James Burrell (Behavioural neurology, Clinical neurophysiology)
Dr Todd Hardy (Neuro-immunology)
Dr Michael Hayes (Movement Disorders, Clinical neurophysiology, Botulinum toxin)
Dr Carrie Hurelbrink (Movement Disorders, Botulinum toxin)
A/Prof Graeme Morgan (Genetics)
Dr Katrina Morris (Neuro-oncology, Neurogenetics)
Prof Garth Nicholson (Neurogenetics, Peripheral nerve)
Dr Stephen Reddel (Neuro-immunology, Neuromuscular)
Dr David Sharpe (Stroke)
Dr Penny Spring (Peripheral Nerve & Autonomic function)
Prof Con Yiannikas (Movement Disorders, Clinical neurophysiology)

Junior Staff Positions In Neurology
2 Neurology teams each consisting of a basic physician trainee & junior medical officer.

Trainee Responsibilities
The advanced trainee is responsible for inpatient care and outpatient clinics. The advanced trainee participates in neurology on call on the weekends (1 in 4), but not during the week.

The advanced trainee also participates in the hospital overtime ward cover (no Emergency Department cover).

There is a strong empasis on aquistion of clinical skills and participation in Neurophysiology. The Advanced trainee is encouraged to undertake clinic research.

Selection Criteria
Selection on merit through the National matching programme

Philosophy Of Training
Broad based training programme in a busy clinical department including exposure to a range of outpatient and Electrophysiology clinics in order to provide a sound and balanced clinical experience . The Advance trainee is encouraged to attend attend and present at local and national meetings.

Neurology Training In State

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