Trainee Positions At Blacktown

Blacktown Road, Blacktown NSW
NSW, 2148

Contact Details

Dr Nigel Wolfe
Phone : 02 8670 5860
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Training Positions : One
Elective Training Positions : -
Fellowships : -

Core Position Descriptions
Management of 12-24 inpatients (wards, Stroke Unit, ICU)
Assessment of ED patients with neurological presentations
Acute stroke management including thrombolysis/arranging inter-hospital transfer for endovascular clot retrieval (in hours)
Ward consultations
Neurology Outpatient Clinics (2 clinics per week)
NCS/EMG Clinics at Blacktown (2-3 per week)
Neurology Urgent Review Clinic
Weekly Stroke/Rehabilitation meeting
EMG/NCS (Blacktown)
EEG (Blacktown)
EMG/NCS/EPs (Westmead)
EEG teaching and reporting session (Westmead)
Neuroradiology weekly meetings x 2 per week (at Blacktown on Tuesdays, at Westmead on Wednesdays)
Monthly Neuropathology teaching session (Westmead)
Weekly Neurology Grand Rounds (Westmead) - Blacktown trainee presents monthly
Contribution to M&M meetings and other quality improvement activities
Bi-monthly Stroke meeting
Blacktown Hospital Medical Grand Rounds
Westmead Hospital Medical Grand Rounds
Clinical research project
Clinical practice improvement initiatives
JMO, BPT and Medical student teaching

Elective Position Descriptions

Hospital Information

Blacktown and Mount Druitt Hospitals are two closely integrated hospitals located in Western Sydney. Together they comprise around 550 beds across the two sites with most medical specialties, psychiatry, surgery, orthopaedics, obstetrics and paediatrics represented. The hospitals deal with around 80,000 emergency presentations and over 40,000 admissions each year. Acute neurological, medical and ICU beds are located at Blacktown, while the majority of rehabilitation beds are located at Mount Druitt. Emergency Departments are located at both hospitals. The hospitals are part of the Western Sydney Local Health District, and have strong ties to Westmead Hospital, which provide them with Neurosurgical, Ophthalmological and ENT services. The hospitals service one of the fastest growing populations in NSW, residing in the Blacktown, Mount Druitt and Riverstone Local Government Areas. Blacktown is one of the main teaching hospitals of the Western Sydney University (WSU) School of Clinical Medicine. The WSU Blacktown/Mount Druitt Clinical School, Research and Education Centre is located at Blacktown Hospital. Stage 1 of a major expansion of Blacktown Hospital has been completed and Stage 2 is underway. The new Clinical Services Building has added significantly to the Hospital's capacity and amenity. The Stage 1 expansion has included a Neurophysiology Department including departmental offices and work spaces.

Department Beds :
10 ward beds, 8 shared Stroke Unit beds

Department Clinics
General Neurology Clinics (2), NCS/EMG Clinics (Westmead and Blacktown), EEG and VEEG reporting sessions (Westmead), EEGs (Blacktown)

Department Specialty Clinics

Department Meetings
Stroke/Rehabilitation Meeting
Blacktown Neuroradiology Meeting
Bi-monthly Stroke Meeting
Hospital Grand Rounds
Westmead Neuroradiology Meeting
Neurology Grand Rounds (Westmead)

Department Staff
Dr Nigel Wolfe FRACP (General Neurology & Movement Disorders)
Dr Sangamithra Babu FRACP (General Neurology & Movement Disorders)
Dr Robert Boland-Freitas FRACP (Neurology & Neurophysiology)
Dr Susan Walker FRACP (Neurology & Neurophysiology)

Junior Staff Positions In Neurology
One Advanced Trainee, one Basic Trainee, one Junior Medical Officer

Trainee Responsibilities
1. Oversee all new admissions daily (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) and review inpatients (including urgent review of any deteriorating inpatients or any patients about whom there are neurological concerns).
2. See ED patients referred for Neurology review promptly and liaise with the consultant on call.
3. See Neurology consults as they are referred and liaise with the consultant on call.
4. Round with the consultant on call reviewing inpatients and consultations.
5. Attend Bi-weekly Neurology Outpatient Clinics.
6. Review patients attending for review in Urgent Review Clinic and liaise with consultant on call.
7. Organise investigations and procedures for the inpatients and outpatients. Review urgent EEGs done on site. Organise outpatient LPs. LP requests on outpatients will usually come in the form of letters addressed to you by consultants. Organise outpatient muscle and nerve biopsies - liase with neurosurgery regarding procedure dates and particulars.
8. Provide ward-based teaching on rounds for the BPT and JMO staff and supervise juniors in procedures such as LP.
9. Contribute to Neurology teaching for Medical Students or other staff if required.
10. On Wednesday the trainee will be at Westmead Hospital to do NCS/EMG Clinics, EEG reading, VEEG review session, attend Westmead Neuroradiology meeting, Westmead Medical Grand Rounds, Westmead Neurology Grand Rounds and Brain school. This is protected time and the BPT at Blacktown will cover the Neurology Trainees duties.
11. Organise the case presentations for the Wednesday afternoon Neurology Grand Rounds on a roster alongside the Westmead-based registrars (Blacktown Registrar presents monthly). You will be expected to do a Powerpoint presentation outlining the history of the case. There will usually be a discussion on differential diagnoses and this will be followed by investigation findings and a group discussion. You can prepare a few slides from a literature review on the topic, but this should not be overly extensive.
12. Neurology presentations for Medical Grand Rounds at Blacktown Hospital

Selection Criteria
Pass in FRACP written and clinical examinations.
Acceptance to the ANZAN Training Scheme.

Philosophy Of Training
Blacktown Hospital Neurology Department seeks to emphasise
- high quality, patient-centred care
- acquisition of solid neurological clinical skills and experience
- development of a rigorous and evidence-based approach to diagnosis and management of neurological disorders
- acquisition of sound basic skills in EEG and NCS/EMG
- a high standard of documentation and written communication (eg clinical notes, letters, discharge summaries)
- the importance of high quality presentations at Hospital, Society and National meetings
- the importance of undertaking high quality research
- the importance of engaging in quality improvement initiatives

Neurology Training In State
Monthly Brain School (3 hours)

Special Society Meetings:
Movement Disorders
Northwest Neurological Society
Registrars Teaching Weekend (annual)

Other Information