Trainee Positions At Sutherland (TSH)/Prince of Wales (POWH)

Sutherland (TSH)/Prince of Wales (POWH)
430 Kingsway Caringbah
NSW, NSW 2229

Contact Details

TSH -Dr Manisha Narasimhan; POWH- Professor James Colebatch;
Phone : TSH-0295407111 (switch) 0295407067 (outpatients) POWH (02) 9382 2414
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Elective Training Positions :
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Core Position Descriptions
At TSH - The neurology registrar is responsible for inpatients, seeing ED and ward consults on rostered basis, attending acute stroke calls on rostered basis, attending one outpatient general Neurology clinic per week and for presenting at the clinical and radiological meetings.

At POWH- The planned timetable includes the trainee spending one and a half days at POWH with responsibility for MS/Neuromuscular and Epilepsy clinics. The trainee will also attend Neurology grand rounds, Neuroradiology and Neuropathology meetings at POWH.

Elective Position Descriptions

Hospital Information

Sutherland Hospital is a rapidly expanding busy metropolitan hospital with close ties with Prince of Wales Hospital. There are multiple subspecialities and we are tied in with the St George BPT training network.
The department of Neurology is newly established and staffed with enthusiastic and dynamic neurologists who are keen to support Neurology training and expand services even further. There will be good exposure to a wide variety of neurological conditions ranging from common to esoteric. In addition there will be robust support of the trainee’s training and educational needs and encouragement to publish and attend meetings. The AT will be supervised in clinic and while on call with the opportunity for feedback. There will be good exposure to neurophysiology.

Department Beds :
TSH shared ward total of 26 beds; usually 15-20 inpatients. 4 bedded acute stroke unit with telemetry

Department Clinics
5 general neurology clinics, 2 neurophysiology, EEG, monthly neurorehab

Department Specialty Clinics
TSH- Neurophysiology and monthly neurorehab POWH-weekly alternating MS and neuromuscular; weekly epilepsy

Department Meetings
Weekly Neurology meeting- cases presented by registrars
Fortnightly Neuroradiology meeting
Bimonthly M and M meeting
Monthly journal club
Monthly Neurophysiology meeting
Hospital grand rounds

Weekly Neurology meeting
Weekly Neuroradiology meeting
Neuropathology meeting

External meetings
Attendance in Brain school will be encouraged and facilitated via multiple video conference sites in TSH.
Trainee attendance in local meetings will be supported.
Attendance and presentations at eminent Neurology meetings will be encouraged and supported.

Department Staff
Dr Manisha Narasimhan/ HOD/ Staff Specialist
Dr Ik Lin Tan/Senior Staff Specialist/ Neuroimmunology,
Neuroophthalmology, Neurophysiology
Dr Sully Fuentes/Staff Specialist /Stroke
Dr Daniel Ghougassian/VMO/ Epilepsy
Dr James Lee/VMO/Neurophysiology, Neuromuscular
Dr Katie Yin/VMO/Movement disorders

Staff specialists:

Prof James Colebatch (Head of Department)
Prof Arun Krishnan
Prof Ernest Somerville
A/Prof Alessandro Zagami
Dr. Hanka Laue-Gizzi

VMO/HMOs are:
A/Prof Paul Spira
Dr. Ross Mellick
Dr. Daniel Ghougassian
Dr Ron Granot
Dr. William Hyunh
Dr. Dan Milder
Dr Daniel Wardman
Dr Shaun Watson

Junior Staff Positions In Neurology
Sutherland Hospital currently has two BPTs and one JMO. The two BPTs alternate between ward cover and being on call splitting the term between them.

Trainee Responsibilities
Trainee Responsibilities
1. Rostered on call for consults and acute stroke call
2. Responsibility for inpatients
3. Clinics under supervision as allocated- both general at TSH and specialist at POWH
4. Neurophysiology training at TSH
5. Presentation of cases at Neurology and Neuroradiology meetings
6. Supervision of junior doctors
7. Teaching
8. Publications and attendance in relevant meetings

Selection Criteria

Philosophy Of Training

Neurology Training In State

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